Piazza del Sole

Bellinzona, TI
arch. Marco Azzola
Studio d’ingegneria Serafino Messi, Bellinzona

Piazza del Sole –the roof of the parking garage situated below– is a square of 60m, a particular place, closed and open, defined by the access ramp of the multi-storey car park, by the four massive blocks at the four corners and by the different level in comparison with the surrounding streets. 
Its floor is designed by granite slabs of 43×43cm each, seemingly laid at random. Their number and position allows to avoid concrete cracks expansion. 

The water flows away through a single, smooth slope that runs in a hidden, sided slot. 
At the four sides of the square stand four blocks in reinforced concrete; they mark the entrances to the carpark.
At night, a tall lighthouse lights up Piazza del Sole, a soft blue light which differs from the yellow one that lights up the three castles of Bellinzona.
Surface: 3481m².
The project is from 1981.