House Maria
Worker’s hostel

Dietlikon, ZH
arch. Mario Piatti

The project is a hostel for seasonal workers in Dietlikon, on an area of approximately 1000m². An abstract object with no precise relationship with the landscape, a non-expensive building, different from the undistinguished buildings in the neighbourhood. This led the architect to a Spartan concept: floors and stairs on reinforced concrete, walls and facing of the façade above the insulation of chalky sandstone in various thickness.
An almost perfect cube cut in half (26×26×13cm in height) with two internal courtyards to provide light and privacy.

The openings consist on 192 square 1m windows with aluminium frames. The façade consists of exposed calcareous-silicon bricks, which, placed over the thermal insulation, are laid in rows of variable height and staggered.
16 apartments (112 beds) on every floor. Each group of 7 people has its own lounge, kitchen and bathroom. At the ground floor two arcades open onto the courtyards and provide access to the common areas: the snack bar, storeroom, laundry and porter’s lodge. 

Basic dimensions: 25×25m.
Total volume: 8’500m³.