Studio’s philosophy

Livio Vacchini based his design on the ritual, cadence, rhythm and ethics. 

There is a form of ritual in the manner in which from time to time a project is revised and retraced.

From a “mother” project, ethical and theoretical design steps follow a path of research that incorporates the same reasoning and leads them to an increased precision of expression. 

The result is always new and substantially changed from the previous one and yet so similar. 
For each mutation, the “mother” project adds new rules, theory and ethics is perfected, leaving behind mistakes and inaccurate evaluations. 

The aesthetic is the result of this ancient ritual where thought speaks in its purity and reveals its own beauty, which does not need to be created because it already exists. 

Therefore, the first project is always the first project in the history of mankind. Continuous and constant dialogue with the architecture of the past is what allows today’s architecture to approach the perfection of beauty.

Dialogue means criticism. Criticism means extreme admiration, the one which allows to extract a thought from a masterpiece, to express it clearly.

A clear thought is what makes us perceiving a work as "classical" or "ancient" since it expresses its essence. Light, structure and space then find a balance reachable only over centuries of observation by the mind of man. 

Each material has its own behaviour to light, gravity, substance. The soul of a melted and modelled material is different from the soul of as assembled material, which still is different from a complex material poured into a formwork.

The properties of each material should be expressed and brought to light. Only in this way the material itself can give the best and find the best structure to express the most spectacular performances.

The man has always had the desire to experience the thrill of the limit. Limit means truth, perfection. Perfection and truth are a source of emotion.

The technique and technology enable man to rise to higher and far limits, to experience the construction of spaces more precise and more exciting.
For man, to build a space means to guide the light into a space through materials and structures that, driven by the highest technique, in the course of human history look for perfection, that is for truth and beauty.