Aurora house

Lugano, TI

Aurora House is an apartments house located in a privileged area of Lugano, with an east-west orientation. In spite of its nearly square plan (18.3×18.9m), the building has a directional structure; the perimeter pilasters support the slabs on two sides, normally reinforced, while the non-structural sides are completely open.
The building has six levels; the apartments are on the four above ground levels, while on the two underground levels take place the garage, common services, cellars and the shelter. 
The volume above ground is composed of two separate and non-symmetrical units: a closed one and another partially open. A volumetric duality reflected in the differentiated treatment of the façades.

The main façade has a public character, while the other ones are flat surfaces provided with windows, they reflect the idea of a domestic and private function.
The pilasters can be conceived as segments of the wall rather than a vertical structural element.
The structure is in exposed reinforced concrete, windows and facing panels are in coil-coated metal, floorings in wood and natural stone.
Basic dimensions: 15×15m.
Total volume: 3150m³.